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Tropical Trees

Tree species exceed 1,000 species - palm, rubber plant, jackfruit and many others. With important for the economy of the natives of Africa are oil palm, coffee tree, mahogany wood, and other bananas.

Troipical Plants

Tropical ecosystems may consist of equatorial forests, dry deciduous forests, thorny forests, deserts and other areas. There are often significant areas of biodiversity and endemic species, primarily in equatorial forests and dry deciduous forests. Some examples are: equatorial forest of Costa Rica, the dry deciduous forests of Madagascar and the Biosphere Uaterberg in South Africa.

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Rainforest under a Glass Ceiling

The fern and the other tropical plants in Kew Gardens in London - sometimes people want to have a piece of the rainforest near their homes.

The rainforest is in three major geographical areas around the world.

  •     Central America in the Amazon River basin.
  •     Africa - Zaire basin, with a small area in West Africa; also eastern Madagascar.
  •     Indo-Malaysia - west coast of India, Assam, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and Queensland, Australia.

Kew Gardеnds

Interesting plants in Kew Gardens in London

Palm and Fern

Tropical plants in Kew Gardens in London


Palm tree from Brazil They grow in hot climates and are an iconic tree in the Middle East and North Africa.

The most well known palm trees are:

  •     Date palm
  •     Coconut palm

Tropical plants

The Tropical plants from Brazil


Fern from South America